Have You Ever Wanted to Be a Machine?

Everybody needs security. Yes, Maslow was right, at the bottom of the hierarchy of needs (apart from the physical needs) shall be ‘security’—or, in the infinitive form: ‘to be secure’.

It’s not just you or me, it’s universal. Everybody is afraid of something, and that is because of security.

That feeling when your mom or dad is terminally ill. That feeling when your role model turns out to be a poser. That feeling when you’re being bullied. That feeling when you can no longer stand the crowd. That feeling when the love of your life is leaving, on a jet plane. That feeling when your nice little hometown is being burned down. That feeling when everything you have worked for crumbles into ashes. That feeling when your little sister comes home crying after being raped. That feeling when your husband is put into penitentiary. That feeling when rainbows and meteors and stars fade away. That feeling when God forsakes your tiny existence.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we can shut down all those feelings? Yes, to be a machine. How wonderful it is to be an invulnerable machine.

There would be no betrayal, no anxiety, no worry, no disappointment, and no pain. Seems nice, but I’ve been there, and it’s not nice at all. It’s like living alone in an endless winter night of Antarctica, only without the gale and the penguins. It’s so cold that you’d wish you could cancel your trip in the first place. It’s so… silent, that even a hurricane would have been wonderful. It’s so dark that you’d know you’re going to die.

So let us be honest here. We all want some of those bullets to penetrate our armor. We all want both the winter and the summer.

No, Maslow was wrong. At the very bottom of the pyramid shall be written ‘to exist’, or—I prefer this one—‘to be alive’.

Better a living dog than a dead lion.


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