On Penalty Shootout and the Underlying Garment of Faith (Part IV)

Okay, I think I owe you an apology, dear courteous readers, for I have just made yet another inaccurate title. There won’t be any reference to football this time. The reason why I use that particular title is because I like how this series of posts has been building up until now. This part will be a brief one, though, for I currently don’t have the luxury of having ample time to set off my mind in search of long expositions. Oh, thank you for that sigh of relief! *cynical smile

Just a few days ago a friend sent me a link. Led by the seemingly innocuous string of characters in the URL, I opened it. Well, it is innocuous, but somehow my mind was disturbed—nay, provoked—by the highly informative paragraphs. You can click it here, but the photographs are quite… umm how should I put it? Explicit?

Having read the article, one question instantly popped out: “How can a person love inanimate object?” Are they nuts? Why, there are millions of ‘animate’ objects out there!

Yap, that’s an important question, but a rather boring one. I am interested in another question and that question is not a trivial one, as you shall see soon. Now, the article mentioned that the man “can hear her, talk to her and “perceive her soul”, believing she speaks back.” Really? Seriously, though?

There’s no need for conducting a scientific experiment here. Of course that doll cannot speak—I doubt the manufacturer included a loudspeaker inside the doll—and I have the utmost belief that it doesn’t have a “soul”. So we are dealing with something delusional here. I hate to cast judgment but for the sake of my argument I would like to say that I pity that man for being delusional.

But after stoning that man I sensed a strange connection between two kinds of ‘being delusional’. I began to think that it somehow resembled the bizarre relationship between a man and his/her God. On my terrible yesteryear I used to think that the believers are deluded. I’m sorry if some of you are being offended, but please recognize the enticing validity of it. If you do think that that man, who really thinks that the doll speaks back and have a soul, is deluded, then it can be no surprise that some rationalists would have a go and say that believers in God are also deluded.

Now this is where I find myself a little bit tense. Somehow I am afraid that I am being delusional and I became angry to God that He would not give mankind one unmistakable scientific experiment that can settle the issue once and for all. “But then again,” thought I, “if scientific experiment is all that stands between truth and fallacy, whatever would happen to faith?” I would like to have a conclusive proof, but then again, I’m not God, aren’t I? Heck, even the ‘scientific method’ is not God. If He demands faith, so be it. Let all the uncertainty becomes lovely threads, seamlessly woven in this beautiful garment called faith.

Believe—the ultimate recipe


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