On Courage and the Ongoing Battle on Sea

The fiercest warriors are not the ones with the longest beard or the squarest jaw or the sharpest eye. The fiercest warriors are not what the media portrays. The fiercest warriors are not found on high-school’s history curriculum. Zhukov, Tamerlane, Hannibal, they were fierce, but not the fiercest, for they slayed lesser creatures called human.

The fiercest warriors are the meekest-looking face you could ever meet on the street. Their cheeks are rosy but their stand is firm. They wear tunic and talk about strange things like salvation. They are the fiercest because they fight dragons—fire-breathing dragons.

They are perhaps the humblest mind you could ever have the privilege of knowing. Their swords are glowing yet they don’t wield it flauntingly. Their shields—a lot of flaming arrows bear marks on the surface—are not displayed on museum or Wikipedia. They are the humblest because they fight for a good and living Lord Admiral, who commands loyalty from leading by example.

For those of you who fight alongside,

Carry on.



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