Lamentation on a Kiss

The man who suffers the most is the one reborn without the ability to overcome the flesh

J. P. Sanjaya

In the beginning, man created questions
Then he fashioned them
and used them,
for a Rebellion

Oh, how brave he was!
Never in life have I seen a tower
standing so tall and proud
“I hath killed Him,” said he, coldly

No, surely not!
Verily, verily, He was dead
but is alive
For how can Light be killed?

The Light came forth
blinding his vision
begged the wolf to the Lamb

Look now, he kneeled
Once mighty and brave,
he was crumbling into pieces
A leper has been cleansed

But, alas, a wolf’s a wolf
The pack came back
“Dear friend, where hast thou been?”
and gave thirty pieces of silver

Another day, another Judas’ kiss
“Abandon Hope, all ye who enter here”
He spat on his own feet;
and then the rooster crowed

(But still the Light cometh forth,
for he is considered precious
“I love you, son,
do you love me?”)


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