A Sailor Knows Good Music Can Calm Storms


“What is it, sailor?”

“Why does the ship jerk violently like this? I can’t sleep, Captain!”

“Why, there’s a heavy storm outside.”

“A storm? Oh great. Why on Earth do we have to enter stormy waters? Why did YOU turn the ship to stormy waters?”

But the good old Captain just smiled. He paused for a moment and then laughed cheerfully, saying, “It was your request, son, remember? You’ve always wanted a thrilling voyage.”

Dear courteous reader, while I was working in the storehouse earlier this morning I found an old piece of music which I instantly liked very much. I grabbed my guitar and sang along to the tune. For your convenience―no, it’s for your inconvenience haha―I have recorded a video. Pardon the quality, we don’t have fancy cameras out here. No copyrights infringement intended, I just wanted to know how to upload a video to YouTube.



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