The Experience of Life

“You find it amazing how it is likely that the sidewalk slabs poured in front of your aunt’s house will not only outlast her but you as well.”
Sadly, yes, auntie.

Exist Ants

You grow up in what appears to be a tight knit normal family in a neighborhood that mirrors everyday life. You think that your experience of life is what the term normal should be called. But of course you find that you are alternately above the mean known as average in some ways and definitely challenged in that regard by special groups of others. This mentality goes on more or less until people begin dying off or moving on their separate ways. Old high school friends drift away, old potential spouses marry and start families. Maybe you get married? Maybe it works out? The ex fades and drifts into the periphery of a reordered reconsidered existence. Here and there familiar faces turn up for an hour, a day a week. An aunt dies, an uncle and then both grandparents are gone. One day you find your in-laws in the hospital…

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