The Amazing 2013 Geminid Meteor Shower Observation

Well, well, I’ve been wanting to post an image or two on this blog. So, last Saturday was the peak of 2013 Geminid meteor shower, and I eagerly anticipated some serious spectacles. For convenience sake, I’ll recount the observation day-by-day (bear in mind this is a three day observation).


NIGHT 1: Friday, 13 December
Up to midnight, the weather hadn’t been a good one. My sophisticated plan to go to someplace remote was abandoned because apparently I couldn’t find my jacket. Undeterred, I climbed up to the rooftop exactly when the clock struck one but it was just too cloudy to see even the waxing moon. Of course I couldn’t stand a cloudy sky, so I went downstairs. At two I decided to climbed up again for the second time. Fortunately, the clouds were already gone, the sky was clear, and the moon were just beginning to set. Even in a light-polluted night sky, the meteors were visible clearly, and—blimey, they were just such wonderful things to see. I managed to capture some pictures during this first night, and here is the best picture:

What were you doing, Mard? There is no meteor here!

What on Earth were you doing, Mard? There wasn’t any meteor in this picture!

I know, I’m sorry. These meteors were very quick and I couldn’t press the button just in time to capture them. I’ve tried a good amount of shots, but I don’t understand a thing about shutter speed and whatnot. Out of twenty four meteors that I saw on this night, the number captured is: 0, null. Nevertheless, somehow I found a way to console myself by making a wish every time a meteor came blazing through the sky. You know, there’s a legend saying that if you make a wish upon a shooting star it will be granted. Do you know what I wished? I wished that my previous amount of wishes be doubled. Apparently, I forgot that I started with zero amount of wishes. So I went back to my room, eager to figure out how many wishes I’ve accumulated in my Heavenly bank account. Well, it’s never been more annoying to find out that 0^24=0, null. What a night!

NIGHT 2: Saturday, 14 December
After the aforementioned failed attempt to capture a picture of meteor, I made a strong resolution to make another one. However, as strong as your resolution be, you can never beat the weather. It was cloudy all night long, so I decided to go downstairs, made myself a warm chocolate, tucked myself safely in bed, and watched football. The resolution was supposed to be a strong one, wasn’t it?

NIGHT 3: Sunday, 15 December
Oh, I wasn’t even awake.


And that’s just the end of it, the amazing observation of the much-hyped 2013 Geminid meteor shower. Ladies and gentlemen, I deeply apologize for giving such a misleading title and wasting your precious time, but then again, you’ve been properly warned that I am not a good blogger.


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