Una sola pasión

Ah, I heard someone gasping “Finally!” there. Haha. Okay Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking, so fasten your seat belt, because you’re in for a faster-than light flight (geez rhymes!).

Alright. It’s awful to say that for this long time I hadn’t ACTUALLY been that busy as if I can’t pilot this flight. I kept on saying ‘delayed’ over and over again. Man it’s awful. I had all the time in the world to play with the yoke. I was just being afraid I would make a mess out of my academic life. So, apology, passenger. Once again it’s awful to be afraid.

Um, what’s this flight is all about now? And why on earth does it have title in rusty Spanish? Well, it’s a trifle question but the answer is that I’m typing while watching La Liga Primera (great, now I give you a trifle answer). I personally thought it would be nice if this flight is about football (did I say football yet again?). But I think for this moment I’ll just talk about how my passion contradicts with my current situation. Okay let’s start the engine.

Just this evening I watched an Indian flick entitled 3 Idiots. Naaah, it isn’t them old-fashioned mushy romances. I can’t stand them, really. Instead, it’s some sort of a mixture—of course it’s a mixture, what else could it be given its 160 minute runtime?—of comedy, tragedy, and romance. And of course those so-called ‘mass dances’. The movie is excellent and inspiring, in my opinion, and it gives me some insight about life of an engineering student. No, I’m not an engineering student (who put that strikethrough though?)

In one of the scene Rancho (who is quite likely under the influence of alcohol) says that he excels at his academic life because engineering is his passion. He’s in love with machines. He also encourages Farhan to quit engineering and be a wildlife photographer instead of an engineer, because that is his real passion. FYI, under current circumstance he can’t because of his father wants him to be an engineer ever since he was just one minute old (damn it’s not much different with what we’ve got here). You know, it’s another stereotypical case where the oppressive and burdensome father forces his will over his son’s. In another scene Rancho tells the still-in-the-womb baby that eventhough her grandpa wants him to become an engineer, he should become whatever his heart says.

And that, definitely, sends me a shiver. Why? Because some one year ago I had a scheme that sounded cool but right now it sounds lame.

You know, my life means football. I am an engineering student—I think I must admit it to you now (announcement blaring on plane, “Passenger, your captain is not a pilot!”)—and my passion is football. I bet those are two things that doesn’t connect or relate much to each other. So what should I do? Quit this engineering thing and train hard to become a great footballer? No way! That is one reckless action. I am a Scaramouchian, remember? Recklessness is one thing that can’t be, by any means humanly possible, incorporated into this character. However, Scaramouche is one heck of a sly bloke, isn’t he? So one year ago I devised a scheme: let it be how it is right now, don’t give a damn about football, I’m going to pretend to love them machines. They won’t realize it, they’re all just heartless machines altogether (big huge grin :)). I’ll make believe engineering is my ultimate passion and eventually I’ll be through this thing with a cum laude. And that would be the end of the word ‘engineering’ in my life. I will have a job interview at a massive banking company and work my way to the board, earning a lot of money. Just push the fast forward button a bit and there you have it: a photograph of me on a classy magazine depicting a successful young man in Italian business suite with one hand holding a Japanese mobile phone whilst the other is on the steering wheel of a German sports car. Congratulations, you just reunite the World War II Axis.

But would that be the happiest of endings? I mean, Scaramouche is one heck of a sly bloke looking for nothing else but happiness. He might be boastful and cowardice but he has no greed or frivolity installed in himself. I remember a line on the movie: don’t run behind success, but become a great engineer such that success run behind you. So I decide not to pretend to be passionate on them machines but to love them solemnly. I will graduate with or without a cum laude (that doesn’t really matter) and a few years later I’ll be whatever it is that deals with machine design and work my way to the top, raising money. This time though I’m going to buy a mere football club. I will build this club with passion, hoping lady luck is smiling over me head. And when she eventually does, don’t forget to fast forward a bit and there you’ll have it: an article of me on a shabby newspaper describing a not-so-successful young man with football as his una sola pasión, owning a club whose trophy room is full of silverwares, loved by the fans, and respected by the whole nation. You tell me, my friend, what more could you ask for?

So, the point is I don’t really need them red Ferraris or black Versace or a casa grande in the hilltop, but I do really need to be whatever my heart says. And I reckon everybody does.

I am, as ever.

~ scaramouchemard at September 19 2010 0846 GMT+7


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