Bzzzpp. Good morning, passenger! This is your captain speaking.

I deeply apologize for a quite long hibernation due to my intense campus life (and my idleness as well). Well, here I am, trying my best to keep this airline alive.

Somehow at one point I recently realized that this airline should’ve been like what it has been in its early periods. It was awful, yeah I know, to read articles that bosses your mind around. So I, instead of being ‘a dogmatic preacher’, decided to be a bit more open-minded (‘flexible’ is better) by writing some short fictional stories in the future. I personally think that employment of fictional stories would escalate the degree of one’s imagination, without forsaking the very importance of philosophical gists.

Of course there won’t be only fictional stories. I will still occasionally adapt my daily personal experiences to balance this airline, especially when they are the exciting ones. What do they say again? Yin and Yang, eh?

Okay, I think that’s enough for now on. Got some papers waiting to be finished. I bid you my bestest appreciation for trusting this airline.

Captain’s out. Bzzzpp.


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